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Nathan hurner

Oh hey there! Looks at you visiting my about me page, I am honored. Well if you really want to know about me it's not something I can really tell you but rather something that I wish t show you, which is the greatest inspiration for my photography and work. I see the world as a beautiful work of art, infinite patterns unfold before our eyes that comprise large landscapes developed through billions of years of development. I do my best to capture this grandeur through my own perspective and experience 

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"

-John Muir

Although this quote may be overused on tourist knick knacks and for Instagram quotes, it endures as a spiritual call to action for adventure seekers, wanderers, and myself. Back in high school one of my best friends mentioned the idea of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, ever since then the idea of a grand adventure through the wilderness took root in the back of my mind. As time passed on I became more and more inspired by the outdoors and the beauty of the natural world around us all, seeing the art of it all around me. Slowly the idea of hiking the PCT moved out of the back of my mind and into the forefront. After a few years of short trips and seeking greater adventures, the call of the mountains became deafening. Instead of the Pacific Crest Trail being something that would be a 'cool' undertaking, it has transfigured itself into a central part of my own story.


I wish for my story to inspire you to follow your own calling and find your own grand adventures in life.



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